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Sleeve for up to 8.4 Inch Tablets


Universal 8.4 Inch Sleeve

A faster pace of life means we’re always on-the-go. So it’s inevitable that your device needs more protection than ever before. With this Case It universal sleeve, you can rest assured that your device will be protected from whatever life throws at it.

Great Design

Smart and stylish in plain black

Easy access to your device

Safe, Secure, Self-cleaning

Made from durable neoprene to protects your laptop from scratches and scrapes

Soft interior to keep your device protected

Designed to fit most devices up to 8.4 Inches

Zip fastening to keep your device safe and secure

About Caseit

Whether you want subtle and sophisticated or bold and daring, chances are there’s a Caseit cover to suit you. From bright, statement colours to classy, modest designs, our range of covers is so diverse you can alternate them to accommodate your mood and situation. What you’ll always be getting though, is style, quality and protection.

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Designed to fit most 8 inch devices|Easy access to your device|Smart and stylish in plain black