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Multi-surface Mount for 7-10 Inch Tablets


The Kit tablet any surface suction mount provides a secure cradle that will hold you tablet to any flat surface.

If you’ve ever felt like you needed an extra pair of hands or just wanted to keep your tablet more stable, then look no further. The Kit tablet any surface suction mount is just what you’re looking for.

The arms are fully adjustable to hold tablets between 7-10”. A centrally mounted adhesive pad ensures your device is held firmly into place. A ball and socket joint allows your tablet to be adjusted to any angle you require. Making sure it is kept at an optimum viewing angle and at the most comfortable position.

An additional suction holder secures the device to any flat surface, like a table or desk. Leaving your hands free or giving you support when using the iPad for extended periods of time.

This beautifully engineered iPad holder provides a safe haven for your device.

It is awesome for gaming, especially when using the iPad as a steering wheel. Great for graphs. Wonderful for watching movies.

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Universal usage: 7-10 inch tablets, GPS with 5-11 inch LCD|Subtle and unobtrusive design|Multiple uses; Gaming, viewing movies, typing and internet use|Lockable arms and suction pad for secure fixing to tablet|Attaches to any flat surface