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Duo – Action Camera Double Up Mount

Introducing the Kitvision Duo Mount

Double up your action cameras, double up your viewpoints, and double up your creative videos with the Kitvision Duo Mount.

The dual mount construction makes it possible to quickly attach it to a bar, whether it be on a bike, a boat, or a rail at a skate park, so that you can have two completely different filming angles going on at the same time. The double mount is spaced perfectly, and fixing is easy so you can get that twin viewpoint for your photos and videos. Perfect for those who have two action cameras and don’t want to try to replicate their actions for two filming angles, unleash your creativity with the Kitvision Duo Mount.

About Kitvision
With a wide range of cameras and accessories, Kitvision is here to help you record your memories. We’re committed to developing the very latest technologies so you can capture, re-live and share your experiences in the best way possible. By remembering the past and embracing the future, our vision is for every single precious moment to be treasured forever.


Compatible with: most action cameras including Kitvision and GoPro
Dimensions: H35 x L88 x D40 (mm)
Weight: 17 g


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Turn one action camera mount into two|Hold two action cameras|Record two perspectives at once|Mount an accessory beside your Action camera|Compatible with Kitvision action cameras, GoPro HERO4 / HERO3+ / HERO3 / HERO2, and most others

Kitvision Duo Mount